A Weed Shop Employees 5 Essential Observations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Take advantage of online ordering wherever possible

Trust your budtender

Don't show up in large groups

Don't come in everyday 

Enjoy your high at home 

The job of budtender has become a bizarro version of itself; obliging customer's whims for the sake of salesmanship has been supplanted by issuing stern and frequent reminders to step six feet back and masking our frustration when someone whines about not being able to stick their nose in a weed jar. Rather than forging bonds with regulars and trying to charm your way into a generous tip, sales must be conducted with brusque efficiency. The nakedly transactional nature of each sale is vitally necessary: Not only do the airborne droplets that can carry coronavirus spray forth with every word a person speaks, but our store maintains a strict limit of six customers in the building at any given time, and people get surly when they have to wait in line outside. 

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