Black Sabbath released their debut album Black Sabbath 50 years ago today

The debut album featuring the original members Ozzy Osborn, Tony Lommi, Terence Butler and Bill Ward this Black Sabbath album is regarded as the first Metal album. 



In the late '60s, Earth were just one of the many bands playing clubs in Birmingham, U.K., but then they wrote a song called "Black Sabbath" and everything changed.
They were rehearsing at the Aston Community Centre when a jam drew bassist Geezer Butler back to his classical influences. “I was really into [composer Gustav Holst's] The Planets around that time,” Butler told Rolling Stone, “and I was trying to play ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ on my bass, which I think influenced [guitarist] Tony to write the riff
Singer Ozzy Osborn then remembered Butler telling him about an incident where he awoke to see a figure dressed in black at the foot of his bed before it vanished. Osbourne started singing, "What is this that stands before me?" and the song quickly fell into place.
Butler named the jam "Black Sabbath" after a 1963 Mario Bava horror movie starring Boris Karloff. When manager Jim Simpson later began pushing them to change the band's name, since Earth was so common, Butler once again suggested "Black Sabbath" – and it worked. "It's the name that led them into that style," Simpson said. "A name like that is a statement of intent."
Earth had already written a song called "Wicked World," but their set lists at this point were mostly comprised of blues covers, just as other local bands like Ten Years After and Free's were. Adding an original song helped distinguish the fledgling group from the competition.

"The audience was small, and nobody really knew quite how to react to ['Black Sabbath']," drummer Bill Ward told Rolling Stone. “But we put so much into the song onstage that everybody just started to nod to it, especially towards the endings and the very loud parts. People were just like, 'Wow, holy cow.'"
Butler said “when we played that song for the first time, the crowd went nuts.”  and hence the first HEAVY METAL album  was a success.