Congratulations cannabis users have just bought all the weed in Illinois

CHICAGO — Several Illinois recreational marijuana dispensaries are closed, with some owners saying strong demand has caused a shortage in supplies and staff exhaustion.
It's been nearly a week since recreational sales became legal and as anticipated, the supply lines from the 21 growing facilities were not enough to satisfy the demand for weed.
So far, the state has reported nearly $11 million in marijuana sales since Jan. 1. — which dispensary operators said caused the product shortage.
Brown Co. Sheriff's office tickets its first cannabis offender of the year under new law
A local sheriffs office makes its first adult use cannabis arrest of the year, as its department works to navigate Illinois' new recreational cannabis law.
The Brown County Sheriff's Office reports an 18-year-old from Rushville, Illinois was cited for possession of adult use cannabis in a motor vehicle in Mt. Sterling on Sunday, after reportedly failing to use a turn signal at Fairground St. and Thompson Avenue.

Illinois law only allows recreational cannabis for users 21 and older, and there are specific rules governing its use, which are especially strict when it comes to transporting the cannabis itself.
Be careful if you're going to partake Illinois' recreational cannabis, know the rules, the man will out looking to ticket.