Statues That People Like To Touch In Inappropriate Places

We all know that statues can bring good luck. Just go to any city around the world that draws in tourism, and you will find statues that you can touch, kiss, or interact with them in some way. Some have an old legend attached to them, and others do not. In fact, it can be easy to spot where the good luck body part is as that part might be a different color or it might be starting to erode. 

However, these statues have tourists getting a bit more personal. They are ones that people like to touch in inappropriate places.

The uneven wear on the penis of this human statue is due to people fondling it over the years shows that even in a pandemic humans can’t resist touching penises even if they are not real. 


The Crazy Girls statue is a row of women standing arm in arm with their backs facing the crowd. Their rear ends are out there for everyone to see and interact with. Upon visiting the site, it is quite clear that people enjoy touching the girls’ backsides. They are a bit of a different color than the rest of their bodies.

Adam standing 3.7 meters (12 ft) tall, they have become quite the attraction. However, the Adam statue arguably gets more attention than the Eve statue. If you look between its legs, you will see why.   

People love to come by and touch his private parts. In fact, they have been touched so many times that they have turned to gold. There seems to be no good luck legend associated with this little touch. People seem to do it because it’s there.