• The Pirate Mary

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    The Pirate Mary, known to fight at Anne Bonny’s side, dressed like a man, swore like a drunken sailor, and was always up for a raid, a machete in one hand and pistol in the other. At just 13, Mary served as a ‘powder monkey’ on a British ‘man-o-war’ carrying bags of gunpowder from the ship’s hold to the gun crews. Later, when she joined the Army of Flanders, she served in both the infantry and cavalry. With all that experience, it’s no wonder she excelled at pirating in Rackam’s crew. She and Anne raided and plundered ships on their own, even taking hostages to get what they wanted. Raid your stash with the Pirate Mary, and let your imagination run wild with her escapades.

    • Handmade & hand painted
    • High-quality porcelain
    • Dimensions 13.5"H X 4"W X4"D    
    • Reborn 2018
    • Quartz Honey Bucket