Celebrating Female Celebrities Redefining Cannabis Culture

The landscape of cannabis culture has evolved significantly over the years, shedding its taboo image and gaining acceptance as a therapeutic and recreational substance in various parts of the world. This transformation has been aided by the open discussions and endorsements of cannabis by celebrities, including some prominent female figures. These women are not only embracing their choices but also helping to break down stereotypes and advocate for the responsible use of cannabis. In this article, we will highlight a few of these influential female celebrities who are shaping the modern cannabis narrative.

  1. Rihanna

The multi-talented artist Rihanna has never shied away from embracing her love for cannabis. The Barbadian singer, actress, and fashion icon has been open about her appreciation for marijuana, often sharing moments of her cannabis consumption on social media. Rihanna's candidness about her use of cannabis has contributed to normalizing its image among her fans, encouraging a more open conversation about the plant's benefits and responsible use.

women of weed
  1. Whoopi Goldberg

Renowned actress, comedian, and television host Whoopi Goldberg has also become a prominent advocate for medical cannabis. In partnership with Maya Elisabeth, she co-founded a line of cannabis-infused products designed to address menstrual discomfort. This venture, named "Whoopi & Maya," offers a range of products, including balms, tinctures, and bath soaks, tailored to provide relief to women dealing with pain and discomfort during their periods.

women of weed Whoopi Goldberg
  1. Chelsea Handler

Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler has been another notable advocate for cannabis use. Handler's straightforward and humorous approach extends to her advocacy efforts, as she openly discusses her experiences with cannabis in her stand-up routines, books, and social media platforms. Her advocacy emphasizes the importance of breaking down stigmas and exploring the potential benefits of cannabis for relaxation and stress relief. Chelsea Handler announces her own marijuana brand on Instagram

  1. Miley Cyrus

Former Disney star turned pop sensation Miley Cyrus has been associated with cannabis culture for years. While her earlier years were marked by controversies surrounding her image, she has since evolved into a voice for self-expression and individuality. Cyrus has often expressed her appreciation for cannabis and its role in her creative process. Her advocacy aligns with the idea that responsible cannabis use can be integrated into a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle.Miley Responds to Smoking Controversy - E! Online

  1. Sarah Silverman

Known for her sharp wit and unfiltered humor, comedian Sarah Silverman has been an outspoken supporter of cannabis legalization. Silverman's advocacy is grounded in her belief in the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis and its ability to alleviate various conditions. She has discussed her use of cannabis for managing anxiety and depression, contributing to the ongoing conversation about the plant's potential therapeutic applications.   Why are female weed smokers notoriously under represented in stoner comedy?


Female celebrities are playing a pivotal role in changing the perception of cannabis from a taboo substance to a legitimate part of modern culture. Through their candid discussions, endorsements, and business ventures, these women are helping to normalize cannabis use and challenge stereotypes. Their advocacy is paving the way for more open conversations about responsible cannabis consumption, its potential benefits, and its role in self-care and relaxation. As society continues to evolve, these celebrities are contributing to a broader acceptance of cannabis and its place in our lives.