“We Got Too High” – A Night Out with Travis Scott on SNL


New York City, March 31, 2024 — In a wild turn of events during this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy found themselves in a place no one ever wants to be on a Saturday night: way, way too high in the middle of a crowded nightclub with none other than Travis Scott.

The sketch, aptly titled “We Got Too High,” took viewers on a joyride to a function with musical guest Scott. The trio—composed of Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy—boarded a party bus armed with blunts and rap lyrics, ready for a night of debauchery. But as soon as they rolled up to the club, reality hit them like a ton of bricks.With bloodshot eyes and panic-stricken faces, the men were not riding high; they were paranoid and afraid. Herlihy wondered if he’d forgotten how to stand normally, while Marshall confronted a bouncer with existential questions: “Hey, do you hate me? You can tell me,” he sang, before pleading with the beefed-up bodyguard to hold him like a baby.


Meanwhile, Higgins was “tripping,” contemplating the miracle of his existence. “I came out of my mother’s birth canal,” he mused, bewildered. It’s safe to say that the club’s atmosphere wasn’t helping their collective anxiety.

Guest host Ramy Youssef had his own share of neurotic moments. First, he overthought his choice of attire (he wore cargo shorts, after all). His anxiety was assuaged when he ingeniously taped together bar napkins to create makeshift pants. Napkin pants—fashion-forward, indeed!

But Youssef’s mind wouldn’t rest. He fixated on an earlier comment he made about having a “twisted, rockin’ ball with Travis Scott.” What an uncool thing to say! As he reassured himself that everyone else had probably forgotten about it, we caught a glimpse of Martin still pondering it on the toilet. Ah, the joys of social anxiety.

The sketch reached its climax when the trio ended up in the emergency room. The official medical diagnosis? “Gigantic p—sies.” Yes, that’s right. Apparently, too much weed turns even the boldest comedians into quivering messes.

Watch the full sketch above, then grade this week’s SNL hosted by Youssef and featuring musical guest Travis Scott. We give it an enthusiastic A for “absurdly funny.” After all, where else can you witness a rap superstar, a comedy trio, and napkin pants all in one place?