• Where Elizabeth Warren stands on marijuana legalization

      On The Campaign Trail At a campaign stop in Iowa in March, Warren said that “it’s just time to legalize [marijuana] nationally.”      FULL AUDIO...
  • The USA's first legal cannabis cafe opens in LA

    The first cannabis cafe in the United States opens Tuesday in Los Angeles. Called Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, it will be the first farm-to-table...
  • History of the Proto Pipe

    From the creator of the original Proto Pipe™ comes the Mendo Pipe™

    Phil Jergenson , who designed  and produced the  world famous Proto Pipe  in the 1960's,70's and 80's,  sold the company but never stopped  improving his  original pipe design. His new patented MENDO PIPE™ not only  eliminates the  troublesome trap with the Tarborator Flip™ but adds the Bowl Top  Clip™.  This  patented Bowl Top Clip™ allows for clean, fun sharing of hand rolled items.

    In the majestic  hills of Mendocino County California, with solar power, he and his  partner Bess created  the Mendo Mountain Company© to feature hand made gifts  from this rural countryside .  If you liked your Proto you will love your new  MENDO PIPE™.

  • Watch: Drone delivers high grade weed into jail

    Authorities in Ohio released a video showing an inmate collecting a quarter pound of high grade cannabis dropped by drone over a county jail's outd...